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Holistic Life Coaching

We are beings consisting of mind, body and spirit and therefore the solutions to most of the problems we face can be found by addressing all three aspects of ourselves.


Holistic coaching can be useful for any area of your life.  Whether it’s your business, your career, your health, or your relationships.


I can help with:

  • Finding your purpose.

  • Helping you to get clarity on:

Who you are 

What you want

And How to get there 

  • Creating healthy habits

  • Managing emotions

  • Building confidence. 

  • Improving your relationships

  • Managing change

  • Transitioning careers

To discover whether coaching is the right thing for you book a free, no obligation consultation with myself.

Parent Coaching

We are our children’s best role models..


Whether we like it or not, from a very young age children are learning about life through our attitudes, behaviours and words as parents. They absorb information from the environment they are in and this begins to shape the patterns they will see in their own lives growing up and into adulthood.  Have you ever noticed yourself doing, saying or thinking something that one of your own parents may have?


By working on our issues as parents we can energetically release the same patterns from repeating in our children’s lives.


Whether you have taken time out of work to have children or not, life can throw many challenges.  The challenges could be around:


  • Building a work life balance,

  • Managing your time effectively,

  • Meeting the demands of running a household and working on your own business.

  • Challenges around returning back to work after having had some time off work.

  • Deciding what it is that you want to do in your life after having children.

  • Improving your relationship with your children.  

  • Improving your parenting skills

Whatever the challenge you face, let's have a chat to see how coaching can help. 

Book a free no obligation consultation with me.

Coaching for Young People

As an active volunteer for the charity Yes Futures, I regularly offer my coaching services in schools either as an online one-to-one coach or working in schools as an Impact Coach. Supporting residential trips where needed.      


Currently our young people are facing many challenges as they adjust to life post COVID lockdown.  They are presented with some challenges we never had growing up, one such example is managing life with a mobile phone.  

I can help our young people with:


  • Building Confidence

  • Becoming Resilient

  • Building Self Awareness

  • Improving Communication Skills

  • Managing Emotions

Book a free consultation to see what this would look like.

What Clients Say

“The coaching helped me to think through new strategies and with Kirti’s support I was able to set stepping stones to achieving my goals.  I liked the way Kirti helped break down what seemed like a huge goal into manageable exercises for the coming week”

What does a free consultation look like?

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and a chance for you to experience some of what our coaching journey would be like and whether coaching is right for you.  


We will discuss what it is that you would like as a result of our coaching journey.


Where you are now with regards to where you want to be and what’s really holding you back. 


We’ll have a frank and friendly chat about whether we make a good fit.  


Based on our discussion I will share with you my ideas on how we could move forward and what the coaching journey would look like.  I will answer any further questions you may have and share the next steps to get started.

Free consultation
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